Monday, 4 August 2008

Desperate decision

ENGLAND have made the worst possible choice in Kevin Pietersen to replace Michael Vaughan as England skipper.
A bold decision or one born out of desperation?
And, if he was the only choice as skipper, what does that say about the current state of English cricket?
In case you haven’t noticed from his accent - like Tony Greig before him - he’s South African.
Yes, he’s got massive ability....but he’s also got an ego to match.
He has been at the top for three years now. And there is no doubting that he is an immensely gifted, exciting player.
But is he a team player? Does he bat for the team or himself?
You only need to look at what happened at Edgbaston to answer that question.
Instead of getting his head down and helping England to victory he tried to hit a spinner over the top to reach his century with a six. For me, that was a turning point in the match. He let the side down. Simple as that.
Ok, he’s averaging almost 55 this summer. But isn’t there is a real danger that the heavy burden of captaincy will affect his batting?
Look what has happened to Vaughan, Hussain and, to a lesser extent, Atherton, in the past.
Clearly, Pietersen has the natural ability to become one of the best batsmen in the world. But what qualifies him to become England skipper? How many sides has he captained?
And how long before he chucks his dummy - and kit - out of the window and heads for India?

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