Monday, 14 April 2008

The worst team ever

It is very hard to admit to being a Derby County fan today. A supporter of the worst Premiership team in history.
For the Rams hit an all-time low in the abject 6-0 home defeat by Aston Villa on Saturday.
You would have thought that now relegation was assured the pressure was off the players. That they would go out play with more freedom, with more pride and give the long-suffering fans something positive to cheer for a change.
Think again.
What they served up for the magnificent crowd of 33,036 was totally unacceptable.
Embarrassing, heartless, horrible were some of the words used to describe them - and they came from the manager, Paul Jewell.
Tell me how is he still in a job with a record of P20 L15 D5?
He says his team isn’t good enough - well he bought half of them didn’t he? He says they lack a leader. Isn’t that what he brought in the hated Savage for?
The sad facts are that Derby wasted £6.5m on two strikers who have struggled to hit a barn door. They have managed only two wins in 38 games this season - and one of them was on penalties. They have scored only 16 Premiership goals and leaked 74 for a record goal difference of -58.
Yet, amazingly, Derby fans have already bought 19,000 season-tickets for next season.
It was sad to see fans leaving after only half an hour on Saturday. Those that stayed at least managed to have a laugh and a joke, though I fear their black humour and Mexican waves were lost on most of the players.
It’s all well and good Jewell saying he’s planning for next season - backed by the club’s new American investors.
But if he’s not careful, Derby will find themselves going down the same road as Leeds and Forest. And that’s certainly no laughing matter.

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igorstimac89 said...

"The sad facts are that Derby wasted £6.5m on two strikers who have struggled to hit a barn door."

Thing is £6.5 million doesn't buy you anything in the Premiership anymore, maybe half of michael essien if you are lucky!

Although a top scorer with 3 goals is pathetic, you could probably get a very average player to take the odd free kick or go up for the odd corner and they'd still get more than 3 goals !!